Our Frames

We take pride in our collection.

 We've taken out the guesswork and research that goes into buying your next pair of frames, ensuring that you get only the best quality and value - because that's what you deserve.

All our sunglasses are 100% UV400 protected, impact resistant, and all metal frames are nickel free.

Here is what you need to know about our collection.


Frames & Lenses

We pride ourselves in sourcing only the finest quality through a careful selection process from our international manufacture partners.

  • Our sunglasses are all constructed from polycarbonate, with mostly recycled material which finds new purpose in our products.
  • Our metal frames are made from pressed, bent and polished iron tubes, which negates the use of nickel in any of our frames.
  • Our lenses are made from polycarbonate and not acrylic, as acrylic lenses burst easily. Our polycarbonate lenses have to pass a so-called 'drop-the-ball test' which proves that lenses are impact resistant.


UV Protection

All our sunglasses are 100% UV400 protected. This means that our sunglasses have the same UV protection as more expensive sunglasses brands. Our 100% UV 400 protection means that your eyes are protected from both UVA and UVB radiation. 

  • Most of the sunglasses are category 3: this means the lenses can be used in situations with strong sunlight.
  • In our collection you will also find some sunglasses with category 2 lenses: these lenses are the light coloured ones (plain yellow, blue, green, pink etc) and can't be produced in category 3, simply because they would be too dark. Category 2 means there is still protection in sunny conditions.
  • Our lenses are perfectly matched in colour and free of distortions and imperfections.



All our eyewear is packaged neatly in a handmade PU leather pouch together with a soft cleaning cloth and shipped to you in a custom made protective shipping box.


If you have any more questions, contact us and we'll happily answer them!