Our Story

The Hella Shade experience brings you a summer state of mind.

Founded by Sasha-Lee Findlay, Hella Shade is a proudly South African online store specialising in curating collections of fashion sunglasses, eyewear and accessories.



"Sometimes you want the nice without the price. I love sunglasses and I have an impressive collection, but I hate that it is so overpriced and the cheaper ones are usually of terrible quality. I also like to keep my accessories for a long time, which is why our small batch collection ensures that you get a one-of-a-kind experience. Choosing timeless style over fast fashion."

Say goodbye to overpriced and overrated designer brands and hello to affordable luxury that allows you to stay on trend and on budget all the time. Hella Shade offers a curated collection, selecting only the best quality eyewear that more expensive, exclusive brands would, at an affordable price that everyone will love. Because we stock limited quantities, you can be confident that your eyewear is uniquely yours. 


The perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues and most importantly, yourself. Premium quality eyewear made to last a lifetime, because why the hella not?